Camilla Belle’s Style Files on Cotton

You can now head over to the Cotton Consumer website to see the Camilla’s Style Files. There you will be hear straight from Camilla things that inspire her, whether they are fashion, food, fitness, or lifestyle. Below is one of her latest posts:

My Style Files
April 9, 2012

Hi guys, it’s me, Camilla. I’m excited to share my first official fashion and lifestyle blog with you – this is a new role for me and I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world since I was a young girl. Like you, I love fashion, and I’m looking forward to sharing things I’ve seen and learned on my travels and showing you a little more of my personality than you may have seen in my films and photo shoots. One of the most important aspects of who I am is my Brazilian heritage. I love food and all types of dance and music. I’m fascinated with foreign languages and learning the cultures behind them. And I love celebrating fashion, whether it’s on the front row of a fashion show, walking a red carpet, in an editorial spread for a magazine…or just spending the day running errands around my hometown, Los Angeles. And I’ll admit it. When I’m home alone, I blast my music and dance around like a crazy person. C’mon, you know you do it, too.

I’m looking forward to us getting to know each other and I hope you are, too.


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Emmy Rossum & Camilla Belle Picked For Cotton Campaign

In an attempt to appeal to the young adult female consumer base, Cotton Incorporated has hired Camilla Belle and Emmy Rossum to star in a pair of new commercials.

The “From Prada to Nada” actress and the “Shameless” starlet will serve as celebrity ambassadors in the new “A Tale of Two Cities” themed spots.

Glenn Sciachitano, Cotton Inc’s advertising boss told press, “We partner with inspirational young celebrity ambassadors who resonate with our core demographic of women 18 to 34. They give us a great palette to showcase the versatility of cotton garments by showcasing their interests.”

The new campaign, budgeted at $20 million, will be hitting television and internet in the weeks to come.


JUST IN: Camilla Belle For JewelMint

The JewelMint team is very excited to have actress Camilla Belle as this month’s Guest Curator. Read more to see what JewelMint piece she chose and why!

Camilla chose the Finnish inspired, Nordic Treasure Necklace. Half of the proceeds will go to Free the Slaves, an organization that Camilla has been working with for over three years. Free the Slaves is the largest anti-slavery organization in the United States that works with governments to reduce slavery and help create anti-slavery laws. Belle says that, “There are over 27 million slaves in the world right now, and Free the Slaves is making a difference. You can see the change they have been making around the world in countries like India, Africa, and Brazil.” InStyle even featured her in an exclusive post.

To learn more about Camilla Belle, JewelMint‘s Nordic Treasure Necklace, and Free the Slaves, check out the video below.

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Five Questions with Camilla Belle (Interview)

If you’ve had the chance to catch films like ‘When a Stranger Calls’ or ‘10,000 BC,’ you would have undoubtedly fallen head over heels for the lovely Camilla Belle. It’s no wonder the actress was ranked #1 on ‘The Most Beautiful Faces 2010’ list; Belle is a serious stunner. Having made her debut into the industry with a print ad at age nine, Camilla Belle is still going strong with four titles currently in the works for the upcoming year.

We had the chance to get her thoughts on all things trendy during this year’s Fashion’s Night Out in NYC.

5 Questions with Camilla Belle

1. What would you say is the next upcoming trend?
Honestly, I’m not one who is big on trends. I always have those go-to looks that I like on me even if they’re not on trend. A basic cut, basic colour, basic black dress…I’d rather wear that than follow trends that might not suit my body. I think the most important thing is to look in the mirror and see if you like it. That’s the most important thing.

2. Working in an industry where fashion is so important, where do you find the endless inspiration for all your different ensembles?
I think traveling really inspires me. Seeing how people dress in different countries. I was in Hong Kong for three months and I found myself trying to dress like the girls there with all the hair clips, tights, socks and glitter (laughs).

3. What is your favourite look for any woman?
I love a classic cut. A classic suit or trouser. I love a woman who can look good in a suit.

4. How do you define cool?
I guess a cool person would be someone who is easy-going. No drama.

5. What do you predict for the future of fashion?
I think fashion is always repeating itself. It goes in cycles. Recently I’ve really been into the 80s and 70s. There are so many designers inspired by history. My mom laughs at me and says “Hey you dress exactly like I did when I was your age!” (laughs) I think we’ll feel that way when we get older and see younger girls wearing the same things as us.

Source: Trend Hunter

Camilla Belle in Guyism’s “The 66 Most Underrated Women of 2011”

Camilla Belle is listed #26 on Guyism’s “The 66 most underrated women of 2011”.

26. Camilla Belle (2010 Rank: 1)

Our #1 most underrated woman of 2010 finally made it on to a couple of the hot lists, ranked #98 on both AskMen and Maxim’s lists. All that means is that here is still much work to be done. Luckily Camilla is just 24 years-old and is set to appear in four movies in 2011 and 2012 so perhaps next year the men of the world will finally discover this hidden gem.

Source: Guyism

Camilla supports “Love is Louder Than the Pressure to be Perfect”

Camilla Belle knows what it’s like to feel pressure, since she’s been acting she was just five years old. She says, “The ‘Love is Louder Than the Pressure to be Perfect’ campaign is important to me because it brings crucial awareness to self-worth and acceptance. I hope that by showing my support, I can encourage today’s youth to be proud of who they are, no matter what others think, say, or do.”


Famous Face, Favorite Place: Camilla Belle’s Rio de Janeiro

Camilla Belle’s star has been rising since she began modeling at a mere nine months of age. With screen credits including “10,000 B.C.,” “When A Stranger Calls” and her most recent movie, “From Prada to Nada,” the young siren turns heads as she globe-trots for film and fashion shoots: she is the girl guys want to date and girls want to be like. Travel caught up with Belle as she returned from a jaunt to Rio de Janeiro, her favorite city.

Why Rio?

“My mother is Brazilian, I grew up going there once or twice a year. I love the energy of the city, the people, the music, the vibe that you get when you walk around the beach. I honestly think that it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world: the mountains, the rainforest, the beach, Leblon, Ipanema, it’s such a nice vibe, it’s so casual and relaxed…I always feel really happy when I’m there.”

Sounds like a very special place…

“People are so friendly and open and warm. I went for Carnival and it was a really amazing experience for me watching these samba schools come down and watching these people, how passionate they were…being a part of that and experiencing that was quite amazing!”

Where do you stay when you are in Rio?

“I love the Copacabana Hotel, because of how traditional it is and how beautiful it is, you really feel like you are in another era. And then the Fasano…Philippe Stark designed it. The architecture is really incredible and that view from the top, I have many amazing pictures of that view.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in Rio?

“Every morning I like going to the beach (it’s such a beautiful walk!), getting a coconut and drinking coconut water, getting little snacks they have on the beach and then laying on the beach for the first part of the day.”

What’s your favorite snack?

“I love ice cream at Mil Frutas, I eat it every day! They have cinnamon ice cream, it’s the best flavor on the planet. They have all different types of Brazilian fruits but also passion fruit and mango, traditional fruits as well and they serve them in ice cream, it’s just delicious!”

How do you stay in such great shape?

“I walk! I don’t take exercise too seriously when I’m traveling because I see that more as work, so if I’m traveling on vacation, I go for really long walks.”

Do you samba?

“Yes! I just learned how. I went to Rio Scenarium in Lapa and I really liked it! It’s this massive club with all these different levels: they have really good food downstairs and live music, and then you go upstairs and it’s kind of the younger crowd, electronic music and DJs. Lapa is such a traditional, old, old area of the city with cobblestone streets…its just a really neat vibe when you walk around there, I like it a lot.”

How about shopping?

“I love buying clothes in Brazil because it’s stuff that people don’t have here and it’s always exciting to be different. All the clothes I buy there, everyone always loves them! Shopping Leblon is my favorite shopping mall in Rio because it’s a one-place shopping, they have great little jewelry stores, and I always find really neat little local items, especially with jewelry. I love every store there!”

What’s your favorite thing you buy in Rio you can’t live without?

“Bikinis! I don’t wear any other bikinis except for the ones I get in Brazil…they have the biggest selection and smaller brands in Rio that you can’t find in other cities…whenever I go, I have to stock up on bikinis.”

You are very passionate about travel…

“My travels really inspire me to be a better human being and to learn more. Experiencing different cultures, going to new places, just life experiences that I have are priceless. I take pictures and I keep all the memories, It’s experiences that you don’t have unless you do travel and you meet people and you try and partake in a certain culture and take in as much as you can. It’s a really enriching experience!”

Source: Fox News

Camilla Belle Met Tom Ford For The First Time When She Ditched Her Prom!

Camilla Belle looked gorgeous in a menswear get-up by Tom Ford when she turned up at the 2011 Young Hollywood Awards presented by Bing — and she told us all about the first time she met the talented designer!

“I have met him, actually it’s funny the first time I met him was the night of my prom that my friends and I ditched and decided to go out to dinner and he was there and I acted like a silly person, I was telling him how much I admired his work and what a fan I was,” she said. “Then I’ve met him throughout the years but the first time I met him was when I ditched prom.”

Camilla Belle wins “Style Icon of the Year”!

Camilla Belle attended tonight’s 2011 Young Hollywood Awards. She was awarded as “Young Hollywood Style Icon of the Year”. Congratulations, Camilla! Tons of pictures will be added to the gallery this weekend from the event, so keep checking back!

Camilla wore Tom Ford Sheen Tuxedo, Raven Kauffman Couture Charlie Clutch, Sergio Rossi “Cachet” pumps and Cartier jewels. Camilla Belle: (On her fashion sense, inherited from her mother.) “Me being an only child and a female, she got sick and tired of me not caring about clothes and said, ‘That’s it, we’re going to Paris and you’re seeing fashion for what it really is!’ She took me to my first Fashion Week when I was 18 years old and really changed everything for me.” The “Young Hollywood Award” show will be broadcasted for the first time on ION Television @ at 9PM ET/PT on Thursday, May 26th and will be hosted by E!’s Giuliana Rancic.

CambioConnect – Ms. Camilla Belle wins fashion icon of the year!